Claire N. Bright (eastertheatre) wrote in sicilia,
Claire N. Bright

Work/study in Sicily

 I can't take advantage of this, since I will be in New Zealand this summer, but I thought I would share it so that maybe someone else could!

Hello, you are receiving this email because you have applied to Scuola Virgilio's Work'n'Learn program.
A small bar-restaurant in Trapani is looking for a waiter/waitress for this summer (May/June until August). They propose the following: 6 days a week, starting 4.30pm until closing time (around 10.30 - 11pm). The kitchen is open round the clock but there i= s never much rush, it's pretty slow-paced, except dinner-time between 8 and 1= 0 pm. They give 150=80/week plus dinner every day plus tips that you share wi= th your colleagues (please note that tips in Europe are not as generous as in the US!).
With this money you can pay all of your tuition expenses (135=80/week), plu= s something that will go for your shared-flat accommodation. They are looking for someone from as early as May, but I think they can wait until June (as early as possible though).
We need your CV/r=E9sum=E9 + photos for them to check.
I remind you that Scuola Virgilio's Italian langauge group courses are from Monday June 29th until Friday August 29th. Before and after that date you are free to take private classes.
Best regards,
Stefano Grillo
Scuola Virgilio
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