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A few days ago i return from Sicilia..and if you want to see other photos..i can give you link.

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I know simply Italian words like "come va, buona note, a domani, no copito....@ =)
And i know russian (cause i was born in moscow) and english (for work and education)

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Italian-is language of sun and sea. When I came out of the airplane and the first time saw Italy I immediately said "Perfetto!" it is the language of admiration. all time want to talk to him.I have long taught English. learning the language is interesting. But sometimes difficult))

ti amo sicilia)

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I wanna visit New Youk. He's like Moscow, Yes. Hi's bigger, but in Moscow live more people (11 000 000). And I want to see Green day in USA :)

I don't visited Rome- i visited hotel near pelermo)
Yes..Sicilia-i dream every day about new trip! And i saw many kind open people... Many people say that russian open people..But thay don't like Sicilian. May be cause we haven't sea and sun in Moscow)
i forget all my problem in Italy)

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I rested in Citta Del Mare. Our turagenstvo wanted us to send by voyage to Catania. then it thought over. we immediately arrived flying into Sicily)

When long you live in a city, it would be desirable silence. Therefore I easily get used both to cities, and to the small. Palermo a dynamical city. It is similar to Moscow in some moments.

Skyscrapers now build in Moscow. Usually it is houses in 22 or 25 floors.

I love cities as New York. I live in capital and have got used to fast rate of a life. In Sicily in another way: there people do not hasten. It is pleasant to me.

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i feel it. In moscow i have a lot of problems..and every minute i must think about it. in sicilia i think about peace life, other people, world, vine, dancing. I smile and sing every moment ( i never do it in moscow). And when i return..the first i see russian voman with bad mood.
=\ i was very happy in Italy Though I was there without boy Which I love.. I did not think about it, That he does not love me. To me it was good with those who surrounded me there. It were joyful and simple people.
In Moscow I again think of problems, study, money (me it is necessary to work again for Italy). It kills me.

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Si. May be i'm a little child who likes fairytales. But memoirs help me to live. It is my dream, my purpose, my belief. It helps me to keep a positive, even if behind a window the grey sky. I know that My friends, casual acquaintances, the nature, the sea are waiting me. I cannot deceive them and not return.

I liked the relation of Italians to girls, especially Russian)). I anywhere did not receive so much attention, as there.

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+1!!! great hahahah)))

Russian men do not have not enough romanticism.
It often does not suffice me. To me do not give flowers, infrequently tell good words.

In Italy all was in another way: on dances I felt the queen. But when has approached many guys (15 persons for an evening) I was frightened!=DD

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hah) I crazy..i can cooking.. etc (like other women)..may be i do it not very well =D I was the unique red girl in our hotel!

Men are often rough. It forces many Russian girls to live without them. It is sad. Because many good girls one.

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I dream of quiet relations. When you meet favourite person from work, you prepare for it, you spend with it all time.

I love independent men. It is bad that mums prepare till 40 years.I think that young men should live without parents (if it probably).
It was very interesting conversation. I am glad that have found the good interlocutor and the person who thinks as me). And loves Italy too)
I should go to bed cause now 00-02 at me anr i'll have exam today)
if you want, we can chat in MSN or ICQ)

a nice to meet you)
bueno notte amico)