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куда бы поехать [16 Jun 2010|04:00pm]

Добрый день, уважаемые

Вопрос из серии "помогите, сами мы не местные".
Я очень хочу уехать на Сицилию, на две недели, хочу так сильно, что даже билет у меня уже есть, Мск - Рим - Палермо. Не знаю о ней НИЧЕГО, совсем.
Хочу в какую-нибудь деревню, "в глушь, в Саратов", вот чтобы совсем деревня была в идеале, чтобы никто не трогал хотя бы две недели, никакой суеты, оливки, горы, чужие люди и тех мало. Смотрела регион Шакка, на картинках вроде бы совсем то, что нужно, даже на всякий случай в 4 км что ли есть неборльшой городок, если захочется все-таки общения.
Можете что-то посоветовать? Регион хотя бы или окрестности города. Если до моря в принципе возможно дойти пешком хотя бы за час - вообще супер, но нет - тоже хорошо.
Поделитесь сокровенным, пожалуйста.
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A December morning in Catania [03 Dec 2009|04:09pm]

Today we have a beautiful weather and the sun seems to colour everything in rose...So I just wanted to share with you this rare moment when Etna can be seen perfectly from the piazza Duomo of Catania and there is no cloud in the morning sky. Couldn't help myself not making a photo while going to work:)
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from bus window [22 Jul 2009|09:11pm]


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about Sicilia in Russian internet-magazine [07 Jul 2009|11:57am]

by me:)

Ti amo, Sicilia! Italiano nota
Ti amo, Sicilia! Italiano nota

Buon giorno cari lettori!
Путешествовать-очень увлекательное занятие (особенно в 17 лет): это множество разных впечатлений, море фотографий и обогащение душевного чемоданчика. Но писать о путешествиях тяжело: нужно уместить все полученное и сжать в листы А4. На то я и журналист 2 курса -попробую перессказать вам приключения русских в Сицилии и передать частичку итальянского солнца, моря и дружелюбия.
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Segeste [30 Jun 2009|09:39am]


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in Citta Del Mare [20 Jun 2009|11:26am]

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Cefalu [19 Jun 2009|12:50pm]


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some moments [18 Jun 2009|04:48pm]


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Solo un'immagine... [09 Jun 2009|11:03am]


By Rina Accardo
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Work/study in Sicily [11 May 2009|12:12pm]

 I can't take advantage of this, since I will be in New Zealand this summer, but I thought I would share it so that maybe someone else could!

Hello, you are receiving this email because you have applied to Scuola Virgilio's Work'n'Learn program.
A small bar-restaurant in Trapani is looking for a waiter/waitress for this summer (May/June until August). They propose the following: 6 days a week, starting 4.30pm until closing time (around 10.30 - 11pm). The kitchen is open round the clock but there i= s never much rush, it's pretty slow-paced, except dinner-time between 8 and 1= 0 pm. They give 150=80/week plus dinner every day plus tips that you share wi= th your colleagues (please note that tips in Europe are not as generous as in the US!).
With this money you can pay all of your tuition expenses (135=80/week), plu= s something that will go for your shared-flat accommodation. They are looking for someone from as early as May, but I think they can wait until June (as early as possible though).
We need your CV/r=E9sum=E9 + photos for them to check.
I remind you that Scuola Virgilio's Italian langauge group courses are from Monday June 29th until Friday August 29th. Before and after that date you are free to take private classes.
Best regards,
Stefano Grillo
Scuola Virgilio
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An Australian in Palermo [25 Feb 2009|01:30pm]

Hi Everyone!

A little about me : I'm an Aussie with a Sicilian boyfriend, he's been out here last year, and will be returning to Australia with me after I spend a month in Sicily with him.

I'm arriving in april and I'm there for a month - I'm looking for some awesome, different, off-the-tourist track places to go with him and enjoy something new.

I;ll be living with his whole family, mum,aunty, nana, brother and sister - so that will be an adventure!!

If you can pass on any tips or hints I would be more than grateful!

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looking for lyrics [30 Nov 2008|04:49pm]

Anyone out there know the lyrics to Notte di Natale?
A la notti di natale c'e nna festa principali
e nasciu lu bambineddu mentra li boui e asineddu...

I can't figure out the rest...
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Ever wanted to buy a house in Sicily? [03 Sep 2008|10:23am]

Here's your chance! :)


Sicily mayor offers bargain homes

A scene from a small town in Sicily
London too expensive? How about a home in small-town Sicily

A small town in western Sicily has come up with a revolutionary solution to solve its property problems.

They are offering houses in the town, which sits between two rivers, for just a single euro (81 pence; $1.44).

The idea is the brainchild of mayor Vittorio Sgarbi, convinced it is the only way to revitalise its crumbling historic heart.

Most of the villas were damaged by an earthquake 40 years ago and since then, much of the local population moved out.

"There are 3,700 houses owned by the council, almost all in the old town, that are in danger of falling down - of crumbling and dying," Mr Sgarbi explained.


There is a catch - those who buy will be obliged to sympathetically renovate the old houses without changing their style within two years at some significant cost.

Mr Sgarbi initially offered the houses free of charge, to residents of Salemi who agreed to do the renovations.

But then, keen to raise awareness of his cause, he gave the first to football boss Jose Mourinho's new employer, Massimo Moratti, chairman of Inter Milan.

"We're thinking of people who have the sensibility and economic resources to embark on this adventure," Mr Sgarbi said.

"In exchange for a token payment of one euro we will offer them one of these houses and ask that they undertake to restore them within two years while respecting their original characteristics."

A former art critic, who once defined himself as an anarchist, Mr Sgarbi was a senior official in the culture ministry during a previous government led by current Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Among those said to be keen is former Genesis star Peter Gabriel.

Mr Sgarbi is delighted by the level of interest, saying: "We have had a lot of interest and people are already booking up to come down here".

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Savor A Melony Treat In True Honeydew Style [05 Jul 2008|10:07am]

Historically speaking, melons have long been a part of our diet in one form or another. Available in different varieties, melons are a top favorite not only with the Americans but also in other countries of the world, the chief reason being its categorization as a fruit cum vegetable. This perplexity also pertains to its history. Food historians fluctuate between Persia, Afghanistan, or Armenia as the probable locales where melons were first consumed. China is not the best bet among the historians, as many believe that the Chinese consumed the wild bitter variety, which could not be eaten raw. Melons were introduced in Europe in the 16th century, but were grown under glass bells, in glasshouses, or in steam-pits. Meanwhile, after reaching China, melons slowly began to develop into cooking varieties, and reached the New World when Columbus took the seeds to Haiti on his second voyage. When his men had eaten the fruit and discarded the seeds, huge acres of crop appeared all over.

Honeydew melon is one of the most savored varieties of melons, especially for Americans. Ancient Egyptians, thousands of years ago, and ages before that in Persia, where the muskmelon is thought to have originated, prized this sweet, succulent member of the muskmelon family. Luckily for Americans, honeydew melons are now grown in California and parts of the Southwest. This nutritious fruit snack is rich in Vitamin C and is a great source of foliate, which is known for its power of overcoming birth defects during child expectancy. A cup of honeydew yields just 60 calories and around 70% of our body's daily requirement of vitamin C. Its ample water content also compensates loss of body water during hot summer days. Being low on sodium, and nil on fat and cholesterol, honeydew melons offer 100% on the critical energy component found in functional foods. These nutritional advantages make it an ideal choice for both weight control and general health. This juicy melon also offers stiff resistance against cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

With so many nutritional benefits on offer, honeydew melons have become a hot favorite, especially in the US. It's however, essential to judge the quality of the fruit prior to its purchase. Honeydew melons are distinguished by their smooth, creamy-yellow rind and pastel green flesh that's amazingly succulent and juicy. A perfectly ripe honeydew melon can be judged by its wrinkling on the surface, often detected only by touch. Ranging in weight from 4 to 8 pounds, honeydew melons need to be picked judiciously. It's important to choose only those melons that are too heavy for their size. If the melon is under ripe, it is advisable to keep them at room temperature. Ripe honeydew melons can be wrapped in plastic bags and stored in the refrigerator for five days. This wonderful melon treat can be used in salads, deserts, fruit soups, or as a garnish. The common and the best among the winter melon varieties, honeydew melons can be savored in different forms as part of your low calorie healthy diet.

About the Author: Suzanne Macguire is an Internet marketing professional with expertise in content development and technical writing in a variety of industries.

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Learn How to Read and Understand Food Labels [23 Jun 2008|02:07pm]

Understanding the health benefits (or drawbacks) in the foods we eat is essential if we want to improve and maintain our health. The old saying, "You are what you eat", certainly bears a lot of truth. It is important that we are able to know and understand the amount and types of minerals and nutrients that are provided in the food or beverage.

Many people read food labels, and instead of making informed, reliable decisions, they scratch their heads in confusement or dismay. The placing of Nutrition Facts food labels on most food packaging was legally mandated by the FDA in 1994. The Nutrition Facts are placed near the ingredients list.

An important thing to remember is that the Nutrition Facts on a package are given for a single serving of the food product. It can be quite misleading because a person may think that the Nutrition Facts apply to the contents of the whole container, when, in truth, it applies to only a single serving of the food. That's why it's necessary to look at what is considered to be a serving before looking into the Nutrition facts underneath. Some packages may claim to contain 2 or even 2.5 servings or more.

It is a little strange indeed to read "2.5 servings" on a bottle of soda. The amount of servings stated in the food label refers to the volume of the food that people usually consume. However, this does not always mean that it reflects your own amount of food intake. Take a 20 ounce bottle of soda, for example, you will see that it claims to hold 2.5 servings. Most everyone I know will drink an entire 20 ounce bottle by themself. On my box of Pop Tarts ® it shows 8 servings which means that you would eat only one pastry even though there are two in each inner package. Like most people I usually eat two of the pastries. A good rule of thumb is to multiply the calories and other nutrients by the number of servings you consume, and that is how much you'll be getting.

The suggested daily requirements at the bottom of the food label are a good indication of what a person needs with a 2,000 and 2,500 calorie diet. These are given only as guidelines. Your own personal needs may vary quite a lot from the values given in the daily requirements table. The differences are based upon your height, weight, metabolism and personal health, among other things.

Reading and understanding food labels can be very bewildering and even confusing. Nonetheless, once you get the hang of it, it will be much easier for you to watch and control your diet because you can already control the amount of food that you eat.

You can learn more about reading and understanding food labels at the website listed below. You will also find lots of free cooking "how to" articles and great recipes for everything from desserts to main dishes. You may also contribute your own recipes to be published for others to use.

About the Author: Copyright 2007 David Slone. Learn more about how to read food labels and find recipes and cooking articles. Visit How to read food labels at .goodcookrecipes.com/food-labels.php

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Spicy African Food [19 Jun 2008|09:07pm]

As Kwanzaa approaches, African cuisine deserves some kudos on the cuisine scene. African food is a rich melange of dishes,

with regional takes on seasonings and preparation methods. Traditional foods combined in exotic ways reflect both native and

foreign influences, accumulated and integrated over hundreds of years. If you haven't explored the world of African cuisine,

you're in for a treat. A taste of this regionally diverse and rich cuisine may be just around the corner, in a family restaurant near you. If you're not so lucky, there are a number of fabulous cookbooks available.

The staples of African food consist in the majority of tubers, starches and vegetables. Cassava, yams, okra, greens, tropical

fruits such as coconuts and bananas, corn, rice, millet, peanuts, sorghum and barley are mainstays of the diet, depending on

the region. Meat is used sparingly in some areas, but seasonings weigh heavily in imparting the distinctive exotic tastes

found throughout Africa. Mixtures of hot spices permeate traditional African food.

Foreign influences introduced the peanut, pepper, tomato, pineapple and cayenne pepper to local dishes. The Portuguese

introduced the domesticated pig, now an integral part of East African cuisine. French, British and Indian colonizers

nonetheless had a positive effect on traditional African food, bringing curry, chappatis, relishes and spicy lentil soups to

the African table.

To Ethiopia, in Eastern coastal Africa, the Arabs brought a number of spices, including cloves, cinnamon and saffron, used in

steamed rice combined with meat, vegetable, tuber, milk and honey dishes, enhancing the already rich and abundant

combinations. Pomegranate juice is an important ingredient in coastal Swahili dishes.

Western African foods reflect the heavy use of fish and meat, as these foods are plentiful in the region and are characteristically hot and spicy. Stews are highly favored, and pack a punch, especially for the Western palate.

The French influence is clear on the western coasts of Africa. Chiles, ginger and hot cayenne marinades are artfully combined

with local vegetables, peanut, palm and coconut oils, garlic and sharp marinades, making a definite food statement.

African food cannot be quantified in a word. Africa, the second largest continent, should not be discounted or dismissed for

lack of diversity. African food is as diverse as the continent, with an

array of imaginative and regionally unique dishes to tempt your palate.

Take a look on the net, or go to your local bookstore. The flavors of African food beckons. If you know someone who celebrates Kwanzaa, ask them about the rich heritage of African food. Bring your taste buds to the table, and enjoy!

About the Author: ArticlesOnFood.Com provides readers with the latest

reviews,articles,commentaries and write-ups on all African food, fabulous cookbooks, spicy lentil soups related subjects.

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Lardo di Colonnata : A Tuscan Delicacy [12 Jun 2008|05:07am]

Pork is a staple food of the mountain regions of northern Italy, where it's often said that a well butchered pig should leave 'nothing but the oink' behind. As a pig is typically around 30% fat, thrifty locals had to come up with a way to use and preserve this valuable source of protein, and the result is Lardo.

Lardo di Colonnata, to give it its full name, is a delicacy produced from pork fat in and around the Tuscan mountain town of Colonnata. Happily for fans of cured meat, it's not only a frugal way of preserving pork fat over winter - it's delicious too!

It's made in large vats known as conche, fashioned from marble quarried at the nearby 'white mountain' of Cararra, which are first liberally rubbed with garlic. Next, layers of pork fat, salt, and a special mix of herbs and spices are added until the vats are full. The conche are then sealed with a wooden lid and left in cool mountain caves for 6 months or longer to mature in the clean air.

After the maturation time is over, the conche are opened to reveal a silky-smooth, meltingly tender 'meat' which can be eaten in much the same way as Parma Ham or other prosciutto.

While Lardo is often used to keep roasted meats moist by placing a thin layer over the skin, it is also delicious simply sliced thinly and eaten with bread, olives, and a good extra virgin olive oil as part of an antipasto course. It is not at all tough or greasy, and is well worth trying even if the idea of eating pure fat leaves you a little apprehensive!

Despite the long years of making Lardo in the traditional way, most of the examples that you may find in your local deli or store will have been made in a much more industrial setting, mainly as a result of modern hygiene laws taking precedence over customs and heritage. Gone are the marble conche and the mountain air, replaced by stainless steel and air conditioning.

However, visitors to the area around Colonnata may still be lucky and get hold of Lardo made in the old way that has been proven over the centuries - just don't tell the authorities if you do!

About the Author: Andrea is a writer for the Recipedia food and drink glossary where you can read about more Italian delicacies such as Bresaola and Balsamic Vinegar.

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Will a center-right government help Italy? [14 Apr 2008|06:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

What do you think?

Berlusconi declares election win

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Caravaggio Show in Sicily! [18 Jan 2008|09:17am]

[ mood | enthralled ]

Caravaggio Show in Sicilia

Boy, I wish I could be there this year. Caravaggio is one of my favorite painters.
If anyone is going to Sicilia this year, do yourself a favor and go to Trapani to see the paintings!

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Sicily News! [09 Oct 2007|04:37pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

New Digs at ancient site of Motya

The island keeps getting more and more mysterious!

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